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SubjectRe: Bug#695182: [PATCH] Subtract min_free_kbytes from dirtyable memory
Dear Jonathan,

>> If you can identify where it was fixed then your patch for older
>> versions should go to stable with a reference to the upstream fix (see
>> Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt).
> How about this patch?
> It was applied in mainline during the 3.3 merge window, so kernels
> newer than 3.2.y shouldn't need it.
> ...
> commit ab8fabd46f811d5153d8a0cd2fac9a0d41fb593d upstream.
> ...

Yes, I beleive that is the correct patch, surely better than my simple
subtraction of min_free_kbytes.

Noting, that this does not "solve" all problems, the latest 3.8 kernel
still crashes with OOM:

Thanks, Paul

Paul Szabo
School of Mathematics and Statistics University of Sydney Australia

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