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Subject[PATCH 0/11] ksm: NUMA trees and page migration
Here's a KSM series, based on mmotm 2013-01-23-17-04: starting with
Petr's v7 "KSM: numa awareness sysfs knob"; then fixing the two issues
we had with that, fully enabling KSM page migration on the way.

(A different kind of KSM/NUMA issue which I've certainly not begun to
address here: when KSM pages are unmerged, there's usually no sense
in preferring to allocate the new pages local to the caller's node.)

Petr, I have intentionally changed the titles of yours: partly because
your "sysfs knob" understated it, but mainly because I think gmail is
liable to assign 1/11 and 2/11 to your earlier December thread, making
them vanish from this series. I hope a change of title prevents that.

1 ksm: allow trees per NUMA node
2 ksm: add sysfs ABI Documentation
3 ksm: trivial tidyups
4 ksm: reorganize ksm_check_stable_tree
5 ksm: get_ksm_page locked
6 ksm: remove old stable nodes more thoroughly
7 ksm: make KSM page migration possible
8 ksm: make !merge_across_nodes migration safe
9 mm: enable KSM page migration
10 mm: remove offlining arg to migrate_pages
11 ksm: stop hotremove lockdep warning

Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-kernel-mm-ksm | 52 +
Documentation/vm/ksm.txt | 7
include/linux/ksm.h | 18
include/linux/migrate.h | 14
mm/compaction.c | 2
mm/ksm.c | 566 +++++++++++++---
mm/memory-failure.c | 7
mm/memory.c | 19
mm/memory_hotplug.c | 3
mm/mempolicy.c | 11
mm/migrate.c | 61 -
mm/page_alloc.c | 6
12 files changed, 580 insertions(+), 186 deletions(-)


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