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Subjectperf PMU support for Haswell: Extended functionality v1
This is based on v7 of the earlier combined Haswell PMU patchkit.
The basic functionality has moved into a separate patchkit.
These patches implement more advanced functionality. Most
of the functionality is related to TSX.

This applies on top of the basic hsw/pmu4-basics patchkit posted

Some of this touches similar areas as Stephane's patchkit, with
some shared patches too.

Available at
git:// hsw/pmu4

High level overview:

- Easy high level TSX measurement in perf stat -T
- Transaction events and attributes implemented with sysfs enumeration
- Export arch perfmon events in sysfs
- Generic weightend profiling for memory latency and transaction abort costs.
- Support for address profiling
- KVM support to do basic TSX profiling from guests
- Support for filtering/displaying transaction abort types based on
PEBS information

For more details on the Haswell PMU please see the SDM. For more details on TSX
please see

Some of the added features could be added to older CPUs too. I plan
to do this, but in separate patches.

- Weight sorting does not work (see thread), not a show stopper.


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