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    Subject[RFC patch v2] sched: use runnable load avg in cfs balance instead of instant load
    This patchset can be used, but causes burst waking benchmark aim9 drop 5~7%
    on my 2 sockets machine. The reason is too light runnable load in early stage
    of waked tasks causes imbalance in balancing.

    So, it is immature and just a reference for guys who want to go gurther.

    V2 change:
    1, attached the 1~3 patches, which were sent in power awareness scheduling
    2, remove CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED mask in patch 5th.

    Thanks Ingo's comments and testing provided by Fengguang's kbuild system.
    Now it is indepent patchset bases on Linus' tree.


    [RFC patch v2 1/7] sched: give initial value for runnable avg of
    [RFC patch v2 2/7] sched: set initial load avg of new forked task
    [RFC patch v2 3/7] Revert "sched: Introduce temporary
    [RFC patch v2 4/7] sched: update cpu load after task_tick.
    [RFC patch v2 5/7] sched: compute runnable load avg in cpu_load and
    [RFC patch v2 6/7] sched: consider runnable load average in
    [RFC patch v2 7/7] sched: consider runnable load average in

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