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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Subtract min_free_kbytes from dirtyable memory
Hi Paul, wrote:
> Dear Ben,

>> If you can identify where it was fixed then ...
> Sorry I cannot do that. I have no idea where kernel changelogs are kept.

Here are some tools.

# prerequisite:
apt-get install git; # as root

# to get the kernel history:
git clone \
cd linux

# to view the changelog:
git log v3.2..

# to grep change descriptions:
git log --grep=min_free_kbytes v3.2..

# to view the patches corresponding to changes:
git log --patch v3.2.. -- mm/

# graphical interface
apt-get install gitk; # as root
gitk v3.2.. -- mm

# web interface:

The "exploring git history" section of the git user manual has more


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