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SubjectRe: [Web10g-user] Web10g TCP statistics patch - mainlining into kernel?
> The user side of the list has been pretty quiet to be sure. Most of the
> discussion happens internal to the team. The primary KIS developer is out
> the office until next week but I'll try to make sure he addresses this as
> soon as he can. I agree entirely with the more eyes approach and none of us
> have a lot of ego sunk into the details of the code in and of itself. As
> researchers, more than anything else, we want the concept moved forward. We
> believe, strongly, that having these metrics in the mainline can really do a
> lot to help the entire user community and spur some really neat development.
> Chris
Hi Chris, Valdis,

This is certainly interesting, and something that we'd really want to
try to get in upstream Linux since it's is so intrusive in the stack
(we have actually done quite a bit of work in this area already that
might be applicable). Posting patches against davem's net-next branch
seems appropriate and you could certainly post them as RFC to start
some conversation.


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