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SubjectRe: [Pv-drivers] [PATCH 0/6] VSOCK for Linux upstreaming
> > > Our position is that VSOCK feature set is more complete and that
> > > it
> > > should be possible to use transports other than VMCI for VSOCK
> > > traffic, should interested parties implement them,
> >
> > Implementing other transports requires restructing vsock (and vmci)
> > first as the current vsock code is not a hypervisor neutral
> > service.
> I'm going to bite the bullet and spend the next couple of days doing
> just that: factoring out the VMCI bits and hiding them behind a
> transport layer. It'll be a bit rough, but it'll be a start. We'll
> submit another patch series next week with that. I'm hoping that'll
> get us over this hump, since it should by hypervisor agnostic at
> that point. It'll be up to you guys to add virtio, though :)

I sent out a patch series this morning that splits out our code into a
core part, containing the socket family/operations, and a VMCI-specific
part. The core makes callbacks via a new transport layer into VMCI.
It's not perfect -- there's still some cruft in the core socket
structure -- but it lays the foundation of a hypervisor-neutral channel,
and hopefully we can build on this with your help. It'd be great if
you could take a look.

- Andy

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