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Subject[patch] sysfs: Fix build when sysfs is disabled
"sysfs: Functions for adding/removing symlinks to/from attribute groups" 
causes a build failure when CONFIG_SYSFS is disabled:

drivers/acpi/power.c: In function 'acpi_power_hide_list':
drivers/acpi/power.c:463: error: implicit declaration of function 'sysfs_remove_link_from_group'
drivers/acpi/power.c: In function 'acpi_power_expose_list':
drivers/acpi/power.c:486: error: implicit declaration of function 'sysfs_add_link_to_group'

We need to define empty functions for this config to avoid ifdefs in the

Signed-off-by: David Rientjes <>
include/linux/sysfs.h | 12 ++++++++++++
1 file changed, 12 insertions(+)

diff --git a/include/linux/sysfs.h b/include/linux/sysfs.h
--- a/include/linux/sysfs.h
+++ b/include/linux/sysfs.h
@@ -330,6 +330,18 @@ static inline void sysfs_unmerge_group(struct kobject *kobj,

+static inline int sysfs_add_link_to_group(struct kobject *kobj,
+ const char *group_name, struct kobject *target,
+ const char *link_name)
+ return 0;
+static inline void sysfs_remove_link_from_group(struct kobject *kobj,
+ const char *group_name, const char *link_name)
static inline void sysfs_notify(struct kobject *kobj, const char *dir,
const char *attr)

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