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SubjectRe: [Web10g-user] Web10g TCP statistics patch - mainlining into kernel?

On 1/25/13 2:56 PM, wrote:

> I already looked over the patch and it looks *fairly* sane. Having said
> that, the best way to proceed for the performance side is probably to
> get some rough ballpark numbers and then get the patch into a state
> that's upstream-able before doing the final measurements (because there's
> actually a high likelihood that the final numbers will end up being
> dependent on the exact details of the patch, plus having more eyeballs on
> it from the netdev side may shake out better approaches).
> Sorry if you've already done all that - I didn't see much evidence of
> it from the web10g-user archives...

The user side of the list has been pretty quiet to be sure. Most of the
discussion happens internal to the team. The primary KIS developer is
out the office until next week but I'll try to make sure he addresses
this as soon as he can. I agree entirely with the more eyes approach and
none of us have a lot of ego sunk into the details of the code in and of
itself. As researchers, more than anything else, we want the concept
moved forward. We believe, strongly, that having these metrics in the
mainline can really do a lot to help the entire user community and spur
some really neat development.


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