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SubjectRe: [Web10g-user] Web10g TCP statistics patch - mainlining into kernel?
On Fri, 25 Jan 2013 10:38:59 -0800, Dominic Hamon said:
> Hello Valdis
> I actually just finished patching a fork from the kernel github repo here:
> with a view to pushing it up. I
> haven't pushed a patch upstream before, so any guidance is welcome.

A quick browse over that git repo looks like it's unfortunately a tad
busticated - you've apparently got development on the 'master' branch, instead
of starting a separate branch. This effectively means that it can't be easily
pulled upstream. Fortunately, you only have one commit against it so
far, so you can probably recover by rejecting that commit so you're back
to a Linus tree, and then create a branch and do subsequent development there.

Question for the netdev people - you prefer pull requests based off
a Linus tree, or linux-next, davem/(net,net-next), or some other tree?

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