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SubjectWeb10g TCP statistics patch - mainlining into kernel?
I had a user who's working on tuning high-performance network file systems what
the chances of upstreaming the Web10G patch to provide the RFC4898 TCP Extended
Statistics MIB via netlink.

Yes, it's a tad on the intrusive side, and there's performance costs attached -
but so are a lot of *other* things that people use all the time for kernel
debugging, and it's a zero-hit thing for people who don't choose to configure
it into their kernel. The added detailed status available from this will be
useful for people who are doing tuning and development (consider how useful
this would have been for the people who wrote the codel line discipline as part
of the bufferbloat project).

I'm willing to do the not-so-heavy lifting of getting the existing patch
cleaned up to upstream standards and sheparded through the process, if there's
any interest at all....

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