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SubjectRe: [PATCH Resend 1/3] sched: fix nr_busy_cpus with coupled cpuidle
2013/1/25 Vincent Guittot <>:
> Le 25 janv. 2013 13:00, "Frederic Weisbecker" <> a écrit :
>> 2013/1/25 Vincent Guittot <>:
>> > This sequence is not the right one
>> >
>> >> I'm going to look for the saved trace to check the sequence above
>> >
>> > I haven't been able to reproduce the bug that this patch was supposed to
>> > solved. The patch 2 and 3 seem enough to fix the nr_busy_cpus field. I
>> > will
>> > continue to try to reproduce it but it seems that it was a side effect
>> > of
>> > the 2 others fixes of the series
>> Ok. I just checked again as well and I can't find a scenario where
>> this can happen. If you find it out or trigger the bug again, don't
>> hesitate to resend this patch.
> Ok. I'm going to update the patch serie without this patch

Actually your second patch may cause this, as it clears the NOHZ_IDLE
flag on CPUs that are idle on boot and which could stay that way for a
while. And your second patch is spotting something serious. I'll reply
on it after more thoughts.
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