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Subject[PATCH v4 0/4] dw_dmac: return actual residue value
The patch series is targeted for getting proper residue value.

Since v3:
- split dwc_get_residue() from dwc_tx_status and improve locking there
- patch 1/4 "dw_dmac: remove unnecessary tx_list field in dw_dma_chan" was
amended a bit to simplify patch 4/4

Since v2:
- get rid of dwc_update_residue(): for soft LLP mode we assign residue in
dwc_do_start() and decrease it at each interrupt. In the middle of transfer
we will return that result substracted by amount of sent bytes

Since v1:
- everything is rewritten to address Viresh's and Vinod's comments.

Andy Shevchenko (4):
dw_dmac: remove unnecessary tx_list field in dw_dma_chan
dw_dmac: introduce total_len field in struct dw_desc
dw_dmac: fill individual length of descriptor
dw_dmac: return proper residue value

drivers/dma/dw_dmac.c | 82 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
drivers/dma/dw_dmac_regs.h | 3 +-
2 files changed, 71 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)


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