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SubjectRe: [PATCH RESEND 1/1] X86: Handle Hyper-V vmbus interrupts as special hypervisor interrupts
On Thu, Jan 24, KY Srinivasan wrote:

> > Question is - considering you stated that this is supported
> > starting in Win8, doesn't Hyper-V itself announce that
> > capability in some explicit way?
> Thanks Jan. Unfortunately I don't think tis interrupt delivery model
> is specified via a "feature" bit (I will check with the Windows guys).
> Perhaps, we can have a Hyper-V specific compilation switch to address
> the Xen emulation issue.

Would that really help if both pvops XEN_PVHVM and HYPERV are enabled in
the config? I assume at this point the access to the DMI data is not yet


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