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Subject[tracepoint] cargo-culting considered harmful...
In samples/tracepoints/tracepoint-probe-sample.c:
* Here the caller only guarantees locking for struct file and struct inode.
* Locking must therefore be done in the probe to use the dentry.
static void probe_subsys_event(void *ignore,
struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
printk(KERN_INFO "Event is encountered with filename %s\n",

note that
* file->f_path is already pinned down by open(), path_get() does not
provide anything extra.
* file->f_path.dentry is already pinned by open() *and* path_get()
just above that dget().
* -> *IS* *NOT* *PROTECTED* by pinning dentry down,
whether it's done once or thrice.

I do realize that it's just an example, but perhaps we should rename that
file to match the contents? The only question is whether it should be
git mv samples/tracepoints/{tracepoint-probe-sample,cargo-cult}.c
or git mv samples cargo-cult...

Al, seriously peeved.

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