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SubjectRe: kconfig-frontends-3.6.0-0 released

On Saturday 2012-10-06 17:55, Yann E. MORIN wrote:

>Hello All!
>I'm pleased to announce the release of kconfig-frontends 3.6.0-0!
>Go download it there:

Please stick to a single separator, i.e. "". The dash is already
used by distributions to mark same-source releases.

>And the repository can be browsed or hg-cloned from:

Ugh, hg. There goes any chance for contributions.
>printf "Running libtoolize...\n"
>libtoolize --copy --force
>printf "Running aclocal...\n"
>aclocal -Wall --force

Not again. autoreconf has existed for so long, why are people still
hand-coding the boilerplate?
> By default, do not build with -Wall, unless the user asks for it

There normally is no excuse for not using -Wall by default,
save for trying to compile it with msvc.

>AC_CHECK_HEADERS([ fcntl.h limits.h locale.h ])
>AC_CHECK_HEADERS([ stdlib.h string.h sys/time.h unistd.h ])
>AC_CHECK_FUNCS([ bzero memmove memset ])
>AC_CHECK_FUNCS([ strcasecmp strchr strcspn strdup strncasecmp strpbrk strrchr
>strspn strtol ])
>AC_CHECK_FUNCS([ gettimeofday mkdir regcomp setlocale uname ])

All of this seems pointless because you never use the results

ncurses has the ncurses{w,}{6,5}-config scripts that ought to be called
to determine the locations.

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