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SubjectRe: [resend][PATCH 01/16] dw_dmac: call .probe after we have a device in place
On 9 January 2013 21:08, Vinod Koul <> wrote:
>> >> subsys_initcall(dw_init);
> Viresh, Linus
> We had this discussion sometime back. pl022 use dma and we need DMA before SPI.
> So if we have pl022 as late_init and dma as device_init. If we have one more
> dependency then moving dw_dmac to fs_init should help too. But arch/subsys seems
> overkill here?

We probably can't make spi late_init as they may be others waiting for
it to be in. And
so did subsys_init for dma. fs is for filesystem? then that may not be
logically correct too.

What's the problem you are seeing here with subsys_init?

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