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SubjectThe 10ms averager in fair.c
Hiya. I just had an initial look at fair.c

There seems to be a 10ms averager in there?

You are aware that that means you work on delayed values?

Isn`t that counterintuitive to the principle of sharing?

That means short bursts of cpu-use will be filtered out, and given less
cpu time.
Starting applications won`t have their cpu-usage before 5ms, which is
quite a bit on modern machines. Well if you use a linearphase filter, I
don`t know what kind of averager you use. The best would ofcourse be to
use a minimalphase gaussian averager. Which might be overkill. Atleast a
one-pole iir, buf = buf + (-buf + in) * cut)); One pole IIRs also have a
better frequency response.

When you are working with low-latencies, wouldn`t it be better if such
things are tuned for target latency. I think few care about latency after
0.2ms. So say the filter should be set to 0.4ms max.

Why would you want to filter cpu-usage also really?

Peace Be With You.

(please CC me.)

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