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SubjectRe: [PATCH scsi] Add NULL checking of return value from scsi_cmd_to_driver()
On Mon, 2012-09-24 at 13:30 +0800, Li Zhong wrote:
> Just noticed that after commit 919f797, it is possible that
> scsi_cmd_to_driver() returns NULL. This patch adds the NULL checking for drv
> returned from the above function.
> Maybe it is not possible at run time, but from the code itself, we'd better
> have this check?

There's not much point having a check that never trips, unless it's an
assert, in which case a NULL deref does that. All it does is add
pointless instructions to the critical path. only REQ_TYPE_BLOCK_PC
commands can be submitted without a driver, so the check above would
seem to preclude that.


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