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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 16/20] HID: Only dump input if someone is listening
Hi Jiri,

> I have applied this one right away, so you can drop it from your series.
> The remaining ones I am still about to review (currently travelling).

Great, thanks. The notification callback can also be applied if you want.

> There is no inter-dependency between the Input and HID ones, and so we can
> handle them with Dmitry as two independent Input and HID series, right?

Not quite, I am afraid. Some of the overlap has disappeared, true.
However, the hid-multitouch patches depend on new variables defined in
the input-mt patches, which in turn depend on the input core
changes. The hid-multitouch patches will apply (with a tiny merge
conflict), but they will not compile.

I can split the input-core and hid-core changes into separate sets,
and those could be applied separately. The input-mt and bcm5974 will
then build on input-core, and hid-multitouch will build on both
input-core and hid-core. I am not sure if this helps anyone, though.


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