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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Xen backend support for paged out grant targets.

On Sep 13, 2012, at 2:11 PM, Ian Campbell wrote:

> On Thu, 2012-09-13 at 18:28 +0100, Andres Lagar-Cavilla wrote:
>> * Add placeholder in array of grant table error descriptions for
>> unrelated error code we jump over.
> Why not just define it, it's listed here:
Well, a) we'd be defining something no one will be using (for the moment) b) I would be signing-off on something unrelated.
> I notice the specific wording of the error msg is different here too.
That should not be, I'll re-spin the patch.


> It'd probably be best to use the same wording as the Xen definition, so
> all OSes end up with the same name for the same condition (else bug
> reports will be confusing).
> Ian.

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