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SubjectRe: [RFC] status of execve() work - per-architecture patches solicited
On 09/11/2012 02:49 AM, Al Viro wrote:
> BTW, the same question goes for many other embedded targets - I'm using
> qemu for arm and mips and hercules for s390; alpha, parisc, ppc32 and sparc64 -
> on actual hardware, amd64 and i386 - on kvm guests (all with debian userland);
> ia64 kinda-sorta works with ski, but it's very much imperfect... I think
> sh (at least sh4) should be usable with qemu as well, but I hadn't set that
> up yet. sparc32 is usable on qemu, but only with very old userland.
> Everything else... In theory, quite a few ought to be usable if one
> bootstraps uclinux userland with qemu, but I've no idea how well does that
> work in practice. And seeing that e.g. FRV eval boards go for several
> hundred dollars even on ebay, let alone from manufacturer, I'd rather not
> add the actual hardware to the pile here ;-/

I have managed to get qemu to run modern non-MMU ColdFire kernels.
Stock qemu-1.2 itself didn't work, but after a couple of fixes it is
now running again. It doesn't support ColdFire with MMU yet though.


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