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SubjectRe: Various things Linux doesn't have/doesn't need
On 13/09/12 10:18, Rich Lawlman wrote:
> It is by fine, unbiased analysis I propose the following:
> For one, drop all support for cpu archs except ARM. Dropping support
> will reduce development strain, and x86 has no foreseeable future
> anyways. This will allow Linux to accelerate its development pace on
> the one thing it currently has potential in; low-powered devices such
> as mobile/embedded, as Linux on the desk is a virtual wasteland.
> In addition, no one cares about the true state or existence of their
> files, and the assumption they do is why Linux scares new guys and the
> iPhone became popular. The kernel should instead make the filesystem
> "invisible" to the user; by default making only user files visible
> from a file manager and making only files related to a particular app
> available in that app. More secure, more simple, easier for the
> simpleton.
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I'm sorry, I have to ask this.

Do you guys get paid (or are part of a bet) when you make
suggestions like these, or do you just do it for, as a friend
tells me, "shits and giggles"?

OT: Or rename x86 to LEG, and watch all the others turn into
EYE and BodyFS, etc. ...Nope, still doesn't make sense,
but at least it doesn't sound too crazy. Just a bit whacko :)

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