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SubjectRe: [REVIEW][PATCH 12/15] userns: Convert drm to use kuid and kgid and struct pid where appropriate
Dave Airlie <> writes:

>> Blink Blink this had not been converted to use struct pid ages ago?
>> - On drm open capture the openers kuid and struct pid.
>> - On drm close release the kuid and struct pid
>> - When reporting the uid and pid convert the kuid and struct pid
>> into values in the appropriate namespace.
> Hi Eric,
> I'm fine with this seems okay, do you want me to merge it via
> drm-next?

My plan is to merge it via my user namespace tree. And since you have
responed positively I will add your acked-by. There are some nice
synergies when I get all of the changes in one tree.

If for some reason you want to carry this in your drm tree we can work
something out.

In this case I expect the change isn't big enough to worry about.


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