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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 7/8] drivers/media/platform/davinci/vpbe.c: Removes useless kfree()
Hi Peter,

2012/9/12 Peter Senna Tschudin <>:
> Marcos,
>> Now that you removed this kfree, you could remove this label too. Very
>> nice your cleanup :)
> Thanks!
>>> vpbe_fail_sd_register:
>>> kfree(vpbe_dev->encoders);
>>> vpbe_fail_v4l2_device:
> The problem removing the label is that it will require some more work
> naming the labels. See:
> if (!vpbe_dev->amp) {
> ...
> goto vpbe_fail_amp_register;
> If I just remove the label vpbe_fail_amp_register, the label names
> will not make sense any more as the next label is
> vpbe_fail_sd_register. So I will need to change the name to something
> different or rename all labels to out1, out2, out3 or err1, err2,
> err3, or ....

I was looking at the code here, but this code is under

Are you using the Linus tree?

BTW, this label is only used once. AFAICS, you can GOTO to the next
label, vpbe_fail_sd_register in this case, who frees another member of
the vpbe_dev.

This make sense to you?

> Any suggestions?
> --
> Peter


Marcos Paulo de Souza
Acadêmico de Ciencia da Computação - FURB - SC
"Uma vida sem desafios é uma vida sem razão"
"A life without challenges, is a non reason life"
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