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SubjectRe: [patch net-next v2 01/15] net: introduce upper device lists
On Tue, 2012-08-14 at 17:05 +0200, Jiri Pirko wrote:
> This lists are supposed to serve for storing pointers to all upper devices.
> Eventually it will replace dev->master pointer which is used for
> bonding, bridge, team but it cannot be used for vlan, macvlan where
> there might be multiple upper present. In case the upper link is
> replacement for dev->master, it is marked with "master" flag.

Something I found interesting is that the dev->master pointer and now
netdev_master_upper_dev_get{,_rcu}() are hardly used by the stackled
drivers that set the master. They also have to set an rx_handler on the
lower device (which is itself mutually exclusive) which gets its own
context pointer (rx_handler_data).

Instead, the master pointer is mostly used by device drivers to find out
about a bridge or bonding device above *their* devices. And that seems
to work only for those specific device drivers, not e.g. openvswitch or
team. I wonder if we could find a better way to encapsulate the things
they want do do, in a later step (not holding up this change!).

> +static int __netdev_upper_dev_link(struct net_device *dev,
> + struct net_device *upper_dev, bool master)
> +{
> + struct netdev_upper *upper;
> +
> +
> + if (dev == upper_dev)
> + return -EBUSY;
> + /*
> + * To prevent loops, check if dev is not upper device to upper_dev.
> + */
> + if (__netdev_has_upper_dev(upper_dev, dev, true))
> + return -EBUSY;

I think we will also need to limit the depth of the device stack so we
don't run out of stack space here. __netif_receive() implements a kind
of tail recursion whenever a packet is passed up, but
__netdev_has_upper_dev() can't avoid doing real recursion (without the
addition of a flag to net_device so it can mark its progress).


Ben Hutchings, Staff Engineer, Solarflare
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