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SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/1] kthread: disable preemption during complete()
On Thu, 26 Jul 2012, Peter Boonstoppel wrote:

> > > tglx has patches that make the kthread create/destroy stuff from hotplug
> > > go away.. that seems like the better approach.
> > Right. That cpu hotplug setup/teardown stuff is ugly.
> If that stuff gets removed complete that's great. The only change I'm aware of right now is the workqueue one:
> > > The main thing is avoiding the wakeup preemption from the complete()
> > > because we're going to sleep right after anyway.
> You are very likely to be preempted by the complete(), since the newly created thread has a relatively high vruntime.
> > > The comment doesn't really make that clear.
> > Right, the comment is crap. It has nothing to do with kthread_bind()
> > and stuff. The whole purpose is to avoid the pointless preemption
> > after wakeup.
> The only case I want to solve is the kthread_bind()->wait_task_inactive() scenario. On our platforms this patch reduces average cpu_up() time from about 9ms to 8ms, but max time goes down from 37ms to 8.5ms. cpu_up() latency becomes much more predictable.

There is a bunch of patches in the queue, which kills the full
setup/teardown of per cpu threads and puts those threads into a "park"
position instead.



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