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SubjectKernel 3.4 USB Problem

Am not sure where to start with getting help on an issue.

Since buying my motherboard i have found the usb ports are pretty
unstable, and some devices work on usb2 some on usb3, after a while i
managed to work out which will work where and it's reasonably stable

Am on kernel 3.2.16 and tonight i thought i would try 3.4.4, it's all
been compiled and seemed fine until i ran mythtv and couldn't get a
smooth picture, then the tuner stopped responding and when looking in
to the logs it appears IRQ18 assigned to the usb chipset gets disabled
from what i can tell, it also causes a crash.

Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
CPU is AMD Bulldozer 6 Core version

I'll attach the 2 dmesg logs, one from 3.2 and other from 3.4,
hopefully someone can see what's wrong, there is a suggestion to boot
with irqpoll, but really wanted someone's opinion on this.


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