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SubjectRe: AF_BUS socket address family
2012/6/29 Vincent Sanders <>:

> AF_BUS is a message oriented inter process communication system.

We have a very huge and important in-kernel IPC message passer
in drivers/staging/android/binder.c

It's deployed in some 400 million devices according to latest reports.
John Stultz & Anton Vorontsov are trying to look after these Android
drivers a bit...

I and others discussed this in the past with the Android folks. Dianne
makes an excellent summary of how it works here:

If we could all be convinced that this thing also fulfills the needs
of what binder does, this is a pretty solid case for it too. I can
sure see that some of the shortcuts that Android is taking with
binder try to address the same issue of high-speed IPC loopholes
through the kernel and some kind of security model.

Whether Android would actually use it (or wrap it) is a totally
different question, but what I think we need to know is whether it
*could*. And staging code has to move forward, maybe this
is the direction it should move?

Linus Walleij

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