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SubjectRE: [RFC][PATCH 2/2] write callback: Check if existing entry is erasable
> I understand the above scenario and was the one of was thinking of when I replied.  My counter argument is if the NVRAM isn't big
> enough to hold more than two panics, then the logs are too big.
> This stuff should be designed to easily accomodate multiple logs (like say 6 or so), then the above situation doesn't matter.
> I just feel this is adding complexity to something that shouldn't need it.

I see. I understand your argument right now.

My patch is on assumption that efi_pstore can handle just one log.
But if it can handle multiple logs, we can solve my concern simply.

Default value of pstore.kmsg_byte is 10KB.
I think efi_pstore can log 60KB(= 10KB X 6)...

Original code is developed by Matthew and he is EFI expert.
So, I have to ask Matthew why current write callback simply erases old entries.


Do you think efI_pstore should handle just one log? Or do you think latest message is most important?

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