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SubjectRe: [rfc 2/7] procfs: Convert /proc/pid/fdinfo/ handling routines to seq-file
On Wed, Jul 04, 2012 at 11:37:26AM +0400, Pavel Emelyanov wrote:
> I believe we can still have the proc_fdinfo_read and proc_fd_link code non-splitted.
> Just push a callback pointer ino the proc_fd_info (as usual -- we an opaque void *argument).

Hi Pavel, sorry for delay (was busy a bit). It seems this wont work.
Look, previously we have had

static int proc_fd_info(struct inode *inode, struct path *path, char *info)
struct task_struct *task = get_proc_task(inode);

if (info) {

this makes info argument optional

static int proc_fd_link(struct dentry *dentry, struct path *path)
return proc_fd_info(dentry->d_inode, path, NULL);

it's possible because we didn't use seq-files engine. One we switch to
seq-files the old proc_fd_info become a part of

static const struct file_operations proc_fdinfo_file_operations = {
.open = seq_fdinfo_open,

ie the declaration of seq_fdinfo_open is restricted to file_operations::open
method and I can't add opaque void *argument here.

Sure I can add one more wrapper function but I guess this increase code
complexity which I tried to escape.


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