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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Git v1.7.12-rc1
A release candidate Git v1.7.12-rc1 is now available for testing
at the usual places.

The release tarballs are found at:

and their SHA-1 checksums are:

34f04ef64fd60bec32388afe27cc4e447ca55229 git-1.7.12.rc1.tar.gz
88a97012fd1454190e8eb49114d807921a526125 git-htmldocs-1.7.12.rc1.tar.gz
bc77f11d8f9e19c9900e95d32b9495698d4eb86f git-manpages-1.7.12.rc1.tar.gz

Also the following public repositories all have a copy of the v1.7.12-rc1
tag and the master branch that the tag points at:

url = git://
url =
url = git://
url = git://
url =

Git v1.7.12 Release Notes (draft)

Updates since v1.7.11

UI, Workflows & Features

* Git can be told to normalize pathnames it read from readdir(3) and
all arguments it got from the command line into precomposed UTF-8
(assuming that they come as decomposed UTF-8), in order to work
around issues on Mac OS.

I think there still are other places that need conversion
(e.g. paths that are read from stdin for some commands), but this
should be a good first step in the right direction.

* Per-user $HOME/.gitconfig file can optionally be stored in
$HOME/.config/git/config instead, which is in line with XDG.

* The value of core.attributesfile and core.excludesfile default to
$HOME/.config/git/attributes and $HOME/.config/git/ignore respectively
when these files exist.

* Logic to disambiguate abbreviated object names have been taught to
take advantage of object types that are expected in the context,
e.g. XXXXXX in the "git describe" output v1.2.3-gXXXXXX must be a
commit object, not a blob nor a tree. This will help us prolong
the lifetime of abbreviated object names.

* "git apply" learned to wiggle the base version and perform three-way
merge when a patch does not exactly apply to the version you have.

* Scripted Porcelain writers now have access to the credential API via
the "git credential" plumbing command.

* "git help" used to always default to "man" format even on platforms
where "man" viewer is not widely available.

* "git clone --local $path" started its life as an experiment to
optionally use link/copy when cloning a repository on the disk, but
we didn't deprecate it after we made the option a no-op to always
use the optimization. The command learned "--no-local" option to
turn this off, as a more explicit alternative over use of file://

* "git fetch" and friends used to say "remote side hung up
unexpectedly" when they failed to get response they expect from the
other side, but one common reason why they don't get expected
response is that the remote repository does not exist or cannot be
read. The error message in this case was updated to give better
hints to the user.

* git native protocol agents learned to show software version over
the wire, so that the server log can be examined to see the vintage
distribution of clients.

* "git help -w $cmd" can show HTML version of documentation for
"git-$cmd" by setting help.htmlpath to somewhere other than the
default location where the build procedure installs them locally;
the variable can even point at a http:// URL.

* "git rebase [-i] --root $tip" can now be used to rewrite all the
history leading to "$tip" down to the root commit.

* "git rebase -i" learned "-x <cmd>" to insert "exec <cmd>" after
each commit in the resulting history.

* "git status" gives finer classification to various states of paths
in conflicted state and offer advice messages in its output.

* "git submodule" learned to deal with nested submodule structure
where a module is contained within a module whose origin is
specified as a relative URL to its superproject's origin.

* A rather heavy-ish "git completion" script has been split to create
a separate "git prompting" script, to help lazy-autoloading of the
completion part while making prompting part always available.

* "gitweb" pays attention to various forms of credits that are
similar to "Signed-off-by:" lines in the commit objects and
highlights them accordingly.

Foreign Interface

* "mediawiki" remote helper (in contrib/) learned to handle file

* "git p4" now uses "Jobs:" and "p4 move" when appropriate.

* vcs-svn has been updated to clean-up compilation, lift 32-bit
limitations, etc.

Performance, Internal Implementation, etc. (please report possible regressions)

* Some tests showed false failures caused by a bug in ecryptofs.

* We no longer use AsciiDoc7 syntax in our documentation and favor a
more modern style.

* "git am --rebasing" codepath was taught to grab authorship, log
message and the patch text directly out of existing commits. This
will help rebasing commits that have confusing "diff" output in
their log messages.

* "git index-pack" and "git pack-objects" use streaming API to read
from the object store to avoid having to hold a large blob object
in-core while they are doing their thing.

* Code to match paths with exclude patterns learned to avoid calling
fnmatch() by comparing fixed leading substring literally when

* "git log -n 1 -- rarely-touched-path" was spending unnecessary
cycles after showing the first change to find the next one, only to
discard it.

* "git svn" got a large-looking code reorganization at the last
minute before the code freeze.

Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.

Fixes since v1.7.11

Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.7.11 in the maintenance
releases are contained in this release (see release notes to them for

* "git grep" stopped spawning an external "grep" long time ago, but a
duplicated test to check internal and external "grep" was left
(merge 4ca9453 rj/maint-grep-remove-redundant-test later to maint).

* The code to avoid mistaken attempt to add the object directory
itself as its own alternate could read beyond end of a string while
(merge cb2912c hv/link-alt-odb-entry later to maint).

* "git checkout <branchname>" to come back from a detached HEAD state
incorrectly computed reachability of the detached HEAD, resulting
in unnecessary warnings.
(merge add416a jk/maint-checkout-orphan-check-fix later to maint).

* The documentation for revision range specifiers (e.g. A..B, A^@)
has been updated.
(merge ca5ee2d mh/maint-revisions-doc later to maint).

* "git submodule add" was confused when the superproject did not have
its repository in its usual place in the working tree and GIT_DIR
and GIT_WORK_TREE was used to access it.

* "git mergetool" did not support --tool-help option to give the list
of supported backends, like "git difftool" does.
(merge 109859e jc/mergetool-tool-help later to maint).

* "git commit --amend" let the user edit the log message and then died
when the human-readable committer name was given insufficiently by

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