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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm v2 01/11] mm: track free size between VMAs in VMA rbtree
On 06/29/2012 07:46 PM, Michel Lespinasse wrote:

I have the free_gap(node) function now.

>> rb_link_node(&vma->vm_rb, rb_parent, rb_link);
>> rb_insert_color(&vma->vm_rb,&mm->mm_rb);
>> + adjust_free_gap(vma);
>> + /* Propagate the new free gap between next and us up the tree. */
>> + if (vma->vm_next)
>> + adjust_free_gap(vma->vm_next);
>> }
> So this will work, and may be fine for a first implementation. However,
> the augmented rbtree support really seems inadequate here. What we
> would want is for adjust_free_gap to adjust the node's free_gap as
> well as its parents, and *stop* when it reaches a node that already
> has the desired free_gap instead of going all the way to the root as
> it does now. But, to do that we would also need rb_insert_color() to
> adjust free_gap as needed when doing tree rotations, and it doesn't
> have the necessary support there.
> Basically, I think lib/rbtree.c should provide augmented rbtree support
> in the form of (versions of) rb_insert_color() and rb_erase() being able to
> callback to adjust the augmented node information around tree rotations,
> instead of using (conservative, overkill) loops to adjust the augmented
> node information after the fact

That is what I originally worked on.

I threw out that code after people told me (at LSF/MM) in
no uncertain terms that I should use the augmented rbtree
code :)

Will CC you on the next version.

All rights reversed

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