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SubjectRe: [vmw_vmci 11/11] Apply the header code to make VMCI build
> > > +
> > > +#define CAN_BLOCK(_f) (!((_f) & VMCI_QPFLAG_NONBLOCK))
> > > +#define QP_PINNED(_f) ((_f) & VMCI_QPFLAG_PINNED)
> >
> > Looks like poor obscufation.
> > Use a statis inline function if you need a helper for this.
> These definitions are intended more as a helper to make reading the code easier. IMHO ts a lot easier to read
> if (CAN_BLOCK(flags))
> compared to
> if (!(flags & VMCI_QPFLAG_NONBLOCK))
> Wouldn't you agree? I'm not sure something this simple warrants a static inline
> function but I don't see any harm in converting it over to that.

I would put it the other way around. I cannot see that such simple stuff warrants a #define.
A static inline is (almost) always preferable to hide code in a macro.

For once you get better type-checks.
And semantics are also much simpler. With a macro you can do so many silly things.


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