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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] virtio-scsi: fix parsing of hotplug/hot-unplug LUN number
Il 26/07/2012 12:33, James Bottomley ha scritto:
>> > Has it already been considered to modify scsilun_to_int() such that LUN
>> > numbers start at zero even for addressing method 1 ? This is what e.g.
>> > the function scst_unpack_lun() already does. See also
>> >
> Yes, as I said before, the problem is that the actual numbers are
> 1. not 1:1: there are several possible encodings of luns 0-255
> 2. hierarchical, so once you go beyond a single level you can't properly
> use a numeric representation either.
> the mid layer just uses the lun number as an encoding of the actual SAM
> lun. The key for us is that int_to_scsilun has to go back the other
> way.

I still disagree, but I will modify QEMU so that this patch is not
necessary. Later I can switch to int_to_scsilun.


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