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SubjectRe: [PATCH 24/24] TTY: use tty_port_register_device
On 06/04/2012 07:00 PM, Alan Cox wrote:
>> In this patch we modify most of the drivers to do the latter. When the
>> drivers use tty_register_device and we have tty_port already, we
>> switch to tty_port_register_device. So we have the tty_struct =>
>> tty_port link for free for those.
> Nice solution

Seems so on the first glance... But it is racy. There is a window since
tty_register_driver to tty_(port_)register_device where a node may be
opened already, but tty_port won't be set up yet.

The fix is to move cdev_add from tty_register_driver to
tty_register_device, which makes sense anyway. Any objections?

For the time being, Greg, please ignore 24/24 from these series (I see
you haven't applied any of the patches yet.)

suse labs

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