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    SubjectLinux 3.5-rc2
    Ok, it's been only 6 days, but as noted earlier I'm going to be
    traveling starting tomorrow, and I wanted to make the -rc2 release
    before I left.

    I'll have internet access, but looking at my schedule I probably won't
    have much time, so you might as well consider me MIA for a week. If
    it's not really critical, don't bother asking me to pull, in other
    words. Think of it as one of those weeks when I try to be hardnosed
    about things, and get bitchy when people send me irrelevant small
    stuff that isn't some major oops-fix.

    That said, I think -rc2 is in fairly good shape, and I've been trying
    to fairly aggressively revert things that caused problems (and
    sometimes things that were only *suspected* to be the cause of

    We have the usual assortment of fixes: drivers (gpu, i2c, acpi,
    clocksource), architectures (mostly x86 perf, but some trivial powerpc
    and parsic stuff), filesystems (fuse, cifs, ext4, ubifs) along with VM
    updates and some documentation updates. And timer, irq and scheduler

    Go forth and test,

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