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SubjectRe: [patch] BFS 420: a tiny step forward
On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 1:44 AM, Manuel Krause <> wrote:
> Hi Hillf Danton,
> thank you for posting the latest patch directly to me via email. It's now up
Thank you, too:)

> and running fine on here (but only with it)! :-)))
It is good news.

> Kernel 3.3.7 + BFS_420 + mm-drop_swap_cache_aggressively.patch + your first
> fix patch + this one (quoted below) + BFQ v3r4.
> Yes, I'm still stuck with 3.3.7, but if I didn't leave a decent uptime for a
> new revision like yours I would not be able to reproduce/compare normal/old
> behaviour.
> Have you already read @blogspot, what Con Kolivas thinks about your patch?
No, I did not, but URL link please.

> That read, I didn't want to to try your patch at first, but now I find yours
> to be more interactive than his only.
I will check that soon.

> What he writes is, indeed, logically
> clear. But why is your patch then making a much snappier experience?
Just like me, you are now involved deeper in what is called BFS, yes?

> If this kernel gets worse after a period of uptime I'll come back to you.
Thank you, again, for your contribution to BFS.

> You may have read that Ralph Ulrich complained about a slowing with 3.3.7 +
> BFS, what I experienced, too.
URL link please.

> Best regards, and, please keep up your work!!! (and post something related
> to kernel 3.4.+ soon)
I will.

Thanks and Regards

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