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SubjectRe: [PATCH] OMAP7XX: Remove omap730.h and omap850.h
* Paul Bolle <> [120618 03:02]:
> No file includes omap730.h or omap850.h. That's not surprising, as
> commit e6684f7132c6e6333e96407b06910bebaa4c1935 ("OMAP7XX: Create
> omap7xx.h") created a header that was "intended to replace omap730.h and
> omap850.h", while all "values defined [in omap7xx.h] are identical to
> those in both the old files". So it seems it was just an oversight to
> keep both the old files after commit
> 7a8f48f8c611ac8c07023260258e2fec312b9242 ("OMAP7XX: omap_uwire.c:
> Convert to omap7xx.h") converted the last file still including one of
> those two old files.
> Convert the last reference to omap730.h to a reference to omap7xx.h too.
> Signed-off-by: Paul Bolle <>
> ---
> 0) Tested only by using various git commands on the (history of the)
> tree.

Thanks, nice catch :) I'll apply this into fixes-non-critical.

> 1) A related cleanup could be to remove cpu_is_omap730 and
> cpu_is_omap850, as both macros seem unused.

Yes seems like we could do that. Care to do a patch for that?


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