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SubjectRe: [PATCH] printk: Revert the buffered-printk() changes for now

* Kay Sievers <> wrote:

> > Kernel policy is that kernel bugs introduced during the
> > merge window are fixed by those who introduced them, or the
> > changes get reverted. The kernel project uses a very
> > user-friendly process to resolve regressions and in the
> > worst case you as a developer have to suffer your changes
> > reverted. Obviously timely fixes are preferred over invasive
> > reverts.
> That's true. this change is a trade, and the kernel self-tests
> print-continuation-line-and-let-the-kernel-crash is currently
> affected by the hugely improved integrity and reliability of
> all the "normal" users.

Sigh, which part of the "no regressions" policy did you not

Even if we ignored regressions (which we don't), you'd *STILL*
be wrong: using printk to debug crashes (and to develop code in
general) is one of its earliest and I'd say most important role.

And when do we need printk() output? Most of the time only when
there's a problem with the system - such as a crash.

System logging is an arguably secondary role, and it should not
degrade printk()s primary role.

Your flippant attitude towards printk quality is really sad.



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