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SubjectUBI fastmap updates
This is the next round of UBI fastmap updates.

The highlights are:
- Fastmap produces anchor PEBs if none are available
(creating a fastmap on an image created by ubinize works now)
- Fastmap is now able to reuse all PEBs if no empty PEBs are available
- Minor fixes

If you want to test fastmap you can use my git repo:
git:// ubi2/v13


[PATCH 1/7] UBI: Fastmap: Modify the WL sub-system to prodcue a free
[PATCH 2/7] UBI: Fastmap: Fix WARN_ON()
[PATCH 3/7] UBI: Fastmap: Ensure that not all anchor PEBs go into a
[PATCH 4/7] UBI: Fastmap: Fix ubi_assert()
[PATCH 5/7] UBI: Fastmap: Kill max_pnum logic
[PATCH 6/7] UBI: Fastmap: Reuse all fastmap PEB if no free PEBs are
[PATCH 7/7] UBI: Fastmap: Get rid of fm_pool_mutex

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