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    SubjectRe: PCI problems with Intel H77 chipset, kernel 3.4 and 3.5-rc3 (was AVM B1 PCI on DH77KC (H77 chipset) problem, requires pci=noirq)
    I did further tests, none successful.

    On 12.06.2012 22:39, Malte Schröder wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I am trying to get an old and trusty active ISDN-card to work on a shiny
    > new Intel DH77KC mainboard in conjunction with an i7 Ivy Bridge
    > processor. (it's supposed to bridge VoIP to ISDN, amongst other stuff).

    Since my original report I moved the new system into a test-box.

    > When booting "normally", the card is recognized by the kernel. But then
    > the firmware upload fails. I can get this to work when using irqfixup or
    > irqpoll.

    I now tried to get a 3Com NIC (3c905c) to work on the PCI-bus. That
    doesn't work either. I get those "nobody cared" IRQ-messages.
    I also updated the BIOS.
    There seems to be something wrong WRT ACPI irq routing.

    What further data should I provide to get this solved?

    Malte Schröder
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