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Subject[PATCH][ANNOUNCE]RIFS-ES Scheduling V1 release.
This is the Googlecode link of RIFS series.

Here is the download link for RIFS.ES-v1-kernel3.4.x:

The design of RIFS/ES:

First let me list out the 3 equations of SystemV scheduling.

  0.cpu = cpu +1;
1.cpu = cpu/2;
2.priority = (cpu/2) + base level priority;

These 3 equations are used to determine the scheduling priority if a
task. Here there is no any complex detection of interactive task(O(1)
failed on desktop because of the complex detection). O(1) did a
hard-coding and kerp focusing on how to detect a whether the task is
an interactive task or not.
CFS is good with its beautiful design. But in my opinion i think the
sleeper feature will destroy the beautiful design.

RIFS-ES adopt the design of System V scheduler.
It can be interactive. On my box everything is very smopth
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