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SubjectRe: AMD FX CPU bug, not fixed by latest microcode?
Boszormenyi Zoltan wrote:
> 2012-06-11 09:52 keltezéssel, Clemens Ladisch írta:
>>> Similar errors happened during copying large files on the same
>>> machine but it seems it's enough to trigger if the total amount
>>> of data read is large enough.
>> Does "large enough" mean "large enough so that they are not in the file
>> cache"?
> "Large enough" means it's usually not in file system cache

If you could see a change while it's in the cache, you could rule
out the disks.

>> All caches and your memory are ECC protected,
> Unfortunately the memory is not with ECC.

Sorry, I misread your mail.

This means that you cannot rule out bad memory.

>> so I think it is unlikely
>> that the problem is with these. If I had to guess, I'd point to your
>> disk (firmware) or the SATA controller. (A bad or loose SATA cable
>> would throw CRC errors into the kernel log. Are there any?)
> The disks (8 of them) are attached to 3ware 9650SE-8LPML in RAID10.
> tw_cli reports no problems.

Could you check whether the same happens with some disk connected to
the on-board SATA controller? Or while copying around lots of data
inside a RAM disk?

>> What is the exact offset of the changed byte in the file? (It might be
>> at a cacheline, sector, or page boundary.)
> The bad character is at offset 0x4b74.

That's completely random, i.e., probably an hardware error.

> The "no fix planned" for every errata is saddening...

It's good news, because none of them actually matter.

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