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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [RFC] UBI: Implement Fastmap support
Am 01.06.2012 07:47, schrieb Adrian Hunter:
> It looks like, if you lose power at this point, the old fastmap may have
> been erased but the new fastmap has not been written. That would mean
> you lose the fastmap. Is that correct? I guess you need to write the
> new fastmap first and then erase the old one.

True. But why is this a problem?
If we can recovers using a full scan after a power cut we are fine.
By deleting the old fastmap after writing the new one we may run out of free PEBs.
E.g: Assume a fastmap needs 4 PEBs and we have only 2 PEBs available the current approach works fine
because after returning and deleting the old fastmap we have 6 PEBs available and can write the new one.


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