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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/8] kbuild: use script for final link, move definitions out of top-level Makefile
    Dne 5.5.2012 10:06, Sam Ravnborg napsal(a):
    > Hi Michal, all.
    > o Move the link of vmlinux from top-level Makefile to a script.
    > This increased the readability a lot.
    > They have had a few rounds of reviews and are ready.
    > o Move a lot of definitions from top-level Makefile to
    > two new files located in scripts/
    > o Fix so we do not call CC too often when using W=...
    > o Fix so KCFLAGS (and friends) are added last to the
    > command lines.
    > Patches 1-4 are ready to be applied.
    > Patches 5-8 are new and may raise a few comments.

    I merged 1-4 now, I'll look at the rest later.


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