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SubjectRe: Linux 3.4-rc4
>> FWIW, for me EDID failure on new kernels is 100% reproducible, and there
>> are no such checksum errors in the log.  It's just missing.
>> > Just a crazy thought, but didn't we change some timings related to
>> > EDID retrieval? To make it faster.
>> OK, this time bisecting started off relatively smoothly (doing the same
>> "backwards" bisect on the branch-o-reverts as last time), but then my
>> disk died halfway through...
> [...]
> OK, system is back online and I finished the bisection.  The commit that
> broke it for me is the following, and reverting it on top of 3.3.4 + the
> "make VGA work at all" patch fixes this particular issue for me.
Can you test with the attached patch? its a revert mostly of Ben's patch, and
he says with the i2c core change stuff is working for him again.

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