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SubjectRe: Linux Support for Thunderbolt using Apple Monitor

On 05/05/12 04:48, Greg KH wrote:
> Oh, what exact machine is this? Maybe I can ask around and see if I
> can dig up one myself, and hey, I always need an excuse to get a new
> display :) thanks, greg k-h
The machine is a macbook air 13" mid 2011, with a thunderbolt port
(physically identical to a mini display port). I hear Linus is using a
MBA 11", so I don't feel alone here running linux on this thing.
The display is a 27" Apple thunderbolt display. It's a gorgeous display
with deep colors and lots of dynamics, and not (much) more expensive
than other 27" display. But it doesn't hot plug (in linux, yet) and the
only input is through the thunderbolt cable so no luck in using
alternatives like HDMI (neither VGA, but VGA doesn't support the display
resolution 2560x1440 anyway).

Good luck,

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