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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] input: Introduce MT_CENTER_X and MT_CENTER_Y
    Hi Benjamin, Stephane,

    > Microsoft published a new version of their multitouch specification.
    > They introduced a new multitouch field: MT_CENTER_X|Y.

    I would like a bit of elaboration here, since I am not convinced the
    mapping should be directly translated to the MT protocol.

    Clearly, the basic idea to be able to model an assymmetric tool is
    good. Without an angle description, however, there seems to be a
    mismatch in the degrees of freedom. In win8, one can place the hot
    spot in a corner of the rectangle, but one cannot make the rectangle
    into an ellipse in that direction. In linux, one can put the ellipse
    in the wanted direction, but the hot spot is always in the center. To
    first order, both models allow for finger-rotation information, but in
    different ways. Adding more parameters requires a bit more
    thought. Perhaps one should use the newly found win8 parameters to
    reshape the pointing ellipse to start with.


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