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SubjectRe: [PATCH] crypto: serpent - add x86_64/avx assembler implementation
Quoting Andi Kleen <>:

>> I agree with that. Currently when I boot my PC with a new 3.4 kernel all the
>> ciphers from the intel-aesni module get loaded whether I need them
>> or not. As
>> Jussi stated most people using distros probably won't need the
>> serpent-avx-x86_64 module get loaded automatically, so it's
>> probably better to
>> leave it that way.
> That means you got a 50% chance to use the wrong serpent.
> This was a continuous problem with AESNI and the accelerated CRC,
> that is why the cpuid probing was implemented.
> Without some form of auto probing you may as well not bother with
> the optimization.
> -Andi

Hm.. should not the i586/x86_64 assembler implementations of AES etc
be autoloaded then too?


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